Choosing the Best Management Company is The Most Important Decision Boards Make

Qualities of a reliable Management Company include experience, advanced and intuitive technologies, an effective partnership with the Board, and a service-focused philosophy.

Choosing an HOA Management Company that is in sync with an HOA Board’s philosophy is critical in achieving the HOA’s goals. Serving on an HOA Board is a thankless position that can often be frustrating and filled with strife and conflict. It’s important that the Board choose an agent that has the industry experience, resources, and strong customer focus to provide the support and guidance Boards must be able to rely on.

In our 50 years of managing San Diego HOA communities, the qualities a Management Company requires are experience, advanced and intuitive technologies, an effective partnership with the Board, and a service-focused philosophy.

But first – should an HOA choose national, or stay with local candidates?

Two points that Boards often grapple with are, 1) whether a property management company has the resources to manage a large association; and 2) whether the Board should contract with a national or local company because of size and resources.

Does the size of a Management Company matter?

Not if the company has big company technologies, uses manpower effectively, and has the experience and skill sets needed.

Do a Management Company’s local interests matter?

Beyond the bottom line, big national companies likely have less personal interest in the broader role they play in contributing to the quality of San Diego’s communities.

ASPM is a service company, and Customer Service is Our Product℠

Like larger management companies, ASPM is experienced, technology-driven, and focused on partnership and service. But only ASPM has an incentive to foster longstanding relationships within San Diego’s communities. This is because we are a local, family owned service provider with deep roots in San Diego. A comparison of customer reviews reflects the benefits of HOAs staying loyal to homegrown San Diego businesses, whether it’s ASPM or another HOA service provider.

Experience and expertise. Our San Diego Community Managers are certified by the California Association of Community Managers (CACM) and California Associations Institute (CAI). Our Maintenance and Janitorial teams have considerable industry experience and are skilled in a variety of related disciplines that enhance work quality and service.

Advanced technologies. In choosing an HOA Management company, it’s critical for larger communities that Management uses the most advanced technologies. While ASPM is not a large company, we do use big company technologies. These include cloud-based and intuitive property management software systems, digital data storage, and real time internal communications and work tracking technology. We provide 24/7 HOA data and account access via desktop and mobile app. Our property integrations are structured and coordinated by divisional teams to achieve fast, cloud-based integration to eliminate transition downtime. We provide big company technology with ’boutique’ services at competitive, local rates.

Partnership. A healthy partnership hinges upon a collaborative relationship between Management and HOA board members. Long-lasting partnerships are based on trust, and Management must establish trust through transparency, quality, and accountability. Our staff serve the Board and the HOA’s interests, but we are also mindful of our duty to serve community residents.

Company philosophy. ASPM’s primary focus is to deliver respectful, prompt, and attentive customer service. Your community is not just a bottom line to ASPM, and we don’t conduct business as just a property management company: ASPM is a service company, and customer service is our product. The communities we manage are a reflection of the quality of our management stewardship and of our company’s reputation for integrity in San Diego over the past 50 years.

Shared Partnership Goals

Achieving the HOA’s goals through a partnership requires the understanding that the roles of the HOA Board and Property Management Company are separate and distinct.

As the HOA industry expert, the Property Manager’s job is to provide the Board of Directors with professional guidance, solutions to challenges, and detailed reporting of all HOA business. These resources allow Boards to make the best decisions possible, based on the most current data available, to accomplish the HOA’s goals. 

A Board’s general duties mirror the shared partnership goals of Boards and Management. These duties include:

Enforcement  – Enforce the governing documents through disciplinary measures and in some instances litigation.

Maintenance – Maintain and repair the common areas and other items which the association may have an obligation to manage under the governing documents or other contractual agreements.

Financial Management – Levy and collect assessments, pay the association’s bills, review financial records, prepare budgets and financial statements, and manage the reserve account.

Operations – Manage the day-to-day operations of the association. This typically involves utilizing professional management, legal, accounting, landscape, pest control, and insurance services.  In addition, the board must set policies to ensure the smooth operation of the association and to govern the use of the association’s common area facilities and recreational amenities.

A Board’s unwritten duty is ultimately to increase homeowners’ return on investment, and this is often accomplished by solving deferred maintenance challenges. Applying the experience, best industry practices, and guidance provided by the Property Management expert helps Boards anticipate and meet the needs of their Community.  

Management Services that Focus on Your Community’s Needs

The Property Manager and Board relationship must be founded on mutual trust and a mutual willingness to work together as partners to meet your community’s needs. 

We meet a Community’s needs by:

  • Sharing our expertise, experience, and professional skill sets to help Boards make the best decisions possible for your community;
  • Transparent and detailing reporting using the most advanced and intuitive technologies available;
  • Supporting Board decisions and conducting the day-to-day business of the Association in a service-oriented and transparent manner;
  • Conducting ourselves at the highest professional standards at all times;
  • Holding ourselves accountable to Boards and Homeowners for the quality of our work product;
  • Accepting full responsibility for our actions in serving your community;
  • Delivering timely and attentive customer service to residents.

Choosing an HOA Management company requires careful weighing of qualities across candidates. If you aren’t sure where to begin, see our Questions to Ask a Property Manager to help you get started.

For more information about our company and what we can bring to your community, contact us today for a free, no-obligation Management Proposal.

What Others Say About ASPM

They manage my building in little Italy- the people they have on site are amazing!!! They're so friendly and helpful. They've helped me countless times for such random stuff- Thank you SO MUCH!!

Shamiron B., Homeowner

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