Although the media is reporting that crime rates are down, statistics reveal only a marginal reduction and, in fact, certain types of crime in some areas of the county have actually increased. 

While an HOA’s Board of Directors is charged with managing the physical care and safety of the common areas and financial management of the HOA pursuant to the Davis-Stirling Act, the duties of members of a community’s Neighborhood Watch are distinctly different.  

The objective of Neighborhood Watch community volunteers is to observe and report suspicious persons or activities to local law enforcement to enhance safety and prevent the potential for criminal harm to community members and their property. 

Benefits of Incorporating a Neighborhood Watch Program  into Your HOA 

The publication entitled Benefits to the HOA of Incorporating a Neighborhood Watch Program describes many of the benefits of including a Neighborhood Watch program as part of the association, including as a Recruitment Tool, Financial Advantage, and providing members with Fast Results in addressing criminal activity or resolving community safety issues, as well as establishing a direct conduit to local law enforcement. 

ASPM-SanDiego Coordination and Support   

ASPM has developed a Best Practices Neighborhood Watch (“NW”) initiative for your HOA to enhance the safety and security of residents and preserve the market value of the community.  

ASPM’s NW Program is created for homeowners associations based on guidelines recommended by the San Diego Police Department, County Sheriff’s Department, San Diego- and National Neighborhood Watch organizations, SAY San Diego, and San Diego’s most successful NW Program Community Coordinator.  

Implementation of Neighborhood Watch in Your HOA 

ASPM has created a program for step-by-step implementation of the program into our HOA communities, as well as an ASPM overview of how our staff will help HOAs coordinate and implement the program in their communities. 

For more information, contact ASPM’s Neighborhood Watch Coordinator: 

Jorge Martinez, CTO
Tel: 1+ 858 430 5700