How many years have they been in business? You’ll want a company with an established track record.

Are they family-owned, or a franchise? Family-owned might infer stronger, long-standing ties within the community where maintaining a good reputation matters the most.

What are their office hours and how do they handle after-hours emergencies?

Who answers the phones?

What is the average response time to homeowners?

How are messages conveyed to the manager, homeowner and BOD?

What is the management philosophy of the principals?

What is the general appearance of the corporate office?

What is the size of their staff?

What is the average turnover rate of their staff?

Do they require staff to participate in industry-related continuing education programs?

Do the staff and principals have a positive, can-do attitude?

Are they licensed and insured?

What certifications do they possess? Community Association and rental property management will require varying certifications.

How many properties do they manage?

How many properties do they manage that are similar to yours?

How many miles is their office from your property?

How many years have they been managing your type of real estate or community association?

What services do they offer, in-house? For example, do they have staff for maintenance, plumbing, electrical, janitorial or landscaping services?

Will they work with your vendors or require that you use theirs?

Are their vendors licensed, insured and bonded?

What is the length of their average client relationship, and how many years have they managed their oldest client?

How many other properties would their assigned manager be handling?

Would their assigned manager handle all aspects of management, such as finance, maintenance, delinquencies? Or does the company utilize a ‘team of experts’ approach?

What do they perceive as challenges presented by your property that they believe could be improved upon?