Steve Howe
Chief of Operations

ASPM is the only San Diego HOA Management Company to offer in-house, administrative construction management services for HOA capital projects. With an asset worth millions of dollars and a finite budget, it makes sense to hire an expert to oversee all aspects of a project.

Managing construction requires experience in scheduling, cost control, and the ability to hold property vendors accountable to contract performance, costs, quality workmanship, and completion deadlines. For Boards and Residents, construction can be overwhelming, costly, and time-consuming, and we can help! Our San Diego Construction Management staff and in-house general contractors work closely with the Board, Residents and Contractors to restore and rebuild communities at affordable rates that save you time and avoid making costly mistakes.

San Diego architects, builders, and attorneys agree that ASPM’s skills successfully transfer for even the most complex projects. Our expertise cultivates a positive construction experience, and results in substantial savings for HOAs.

HOAs with a construction defect, aging systems or building infrastructure, or other type of property damage, trust ASPM to provide Boards with the necessary expertise and skills to guide decision-making to accomplish project goals.

Administration Project Management Services:

  • Assist the Board in Identifying the Need
  • Assist the Board With the Procurement of Engineers, Contractors, and Architects
  • Assist the Board With Procuring a Project Manager, As Appropriate
  • Coordinate With the Board, Engineer, and Contractors to Produce a Scope of Work and Cost
  • Coordinate With the HOA’s Legal Counsel and Insurance Agent to Ensure Project Viability
  • Coordinate With the HOA’s Bank and Reserve Study Specialist to Explore Funding Options
  • Assist the Board With Funding Requirements, Including Special Assessment
  • Assist the Board With Procuring Resident Approval of the Project
  • Coordinate Onsite Scheduling with Vendors
  • Regularly Monitor and Report to the Board With the Status of All Aspects of the Project
  • Provide Comprehensive Cost-Tracking and Progress Reports to the Board
  • Facilitate Change Order Authorizations
  • Maintain Regular Written and Verbal Communications with Residents and Address Concerns
  • Conduct Regular Physical Inspections to Ensure Quality Control, Scope of Work Compliance, and Job Completion

Our management teams and general contractors will view your entire project from a clear, unbiased perspective using our decades of experience to maximize efficiencies, streamline budgets, reduce risk, and facilitate communication and cooperation between all parties and entities involved. 

San Diego HOA Boards and their communities rely on ASPM to ensure the successful execution and completion of their construction goals. Our team understands that every property has specific needs, that one size never fits all. This is why we tailor our Project Management services to help meet your property’s specific needs. Applying our knowledge of building industry standards and trade practices provides Boards with peace of mind. Our multi-faceted role is to ensure that construction standards are met. Costs must be constantly monitored to preserve budget integrity. By avoiding foreseeable challenges, effectively communicating, and validating progress, we help ensure the project is completed on time, as smoothly as possible, and with the least inconvenience to residents.

To learn more about how our Administrative Construction Management services can help your HOA, San Diego locals please call us at 1+ 858 430 5700 to schedule a consultation with our team of professionals!

What Others Say About ASPM

Porto Siena Condo Association has been managed by ASPM since July 2005. During the tumultuous task of ASPM integrating a new company, they were also managing the administration of a multi-million dollar construction project on the Porto Siena complex in Little Italy, as well as attending to regular business on behalf of the association.

We could not have been more pleased with the service we received. ASPM staff were sensitive to the complexity of the problems and inconvenience construction could cause our residents, and they were very prompt and attentive in proactively resolving issues and concerns.

ASPM contractors and maintenance staff were extremely competent in interacting with contractors in each phase of the project. Administratively, we were kept apprised with detailed reporting of the financial status and physical progress of all aspects of this enormous project, which was completed on time and within budget.

Having been through the crucible of construction, while maintaining and tracking daily association business, ASPM worked diligently with the Board of Directors as a competent and key member of our team.

Vito A., Former President, Porto Siena Condo Association

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