Our Janitorial staff has years of professional experience in keeping HOA communities clean and sanitized. As your HOA Manager, we are intimately familiar with your property’s needs. Cleaning services that are provided with oversight by the HOA’s Manager allow us to offer clients focused attention to detail.

Resident health and the community’s cleanliness is important. Our HOA Janitorial Plans are flexible, based on each community’s cleaning needs. We supervise cleaning assignments performed by our skilled and fully insured staff because clients count on us to deliver consistent quality. Our detailed reporting software assures Boards instant transparency on each task assigned and completed.

Flexible and Affordable Cleaning Services Customized for Your Community

Raymond Nepomuceno
Maintenance & Janitorial
Division Manager

We offer cleaning solutions for all HOA common areas. With the advent of COVID-19, our staff are working double-time to disinfect commonly-used fixtures and surfaces. For the time being, to protect the health of our employees and HOA residents, our staff are currently unable to clean inside individual residences.

Clients love our friendly and courteous staff, who are responsible for many of ASPM’s five-star customer reviews. They recognize and appreciate that our staff are always smiling, always willing to help, and enrich the quality of community living residents greatly value.

To learn more about how we can put our cleaning services to work for your community, San Diego locals can call us at 1+ 858 430 5700.

Cleaning Services


  • Empty trash cans 
  • Sweep & mop floors 
  • Wipe down furniture 
  • Clean kitchen 
  • Clean counter tops 

Pool Area: 

  • Empty trash cans 
  • Arrange pool furniture 
  • Sweep pool deck 
  • Remove cobwebs from fence 


  • Sweep & mop floor 
  • Clean glass 
  • Clean & sanitize machines 


  • Sweep & mop floor 
  • Empty trash cans 
  • Clean mirrors 
  • Clean & sanitize toilet, urinal, sink  
  • Refill soap & paper dispensers 

Trash Enclosures: 

  • Sweep area 
  • Pick up trash 
  • Report bulk items 

BBQ Area: 

  • Clean BBQ inside & outside 
  • Wipe down counter tops 
  • Empty trash can 

Mailbox Area: 

  • Sweep area 
  • Wipe down mailboxes 
  • Pick up any trash 


  • Sweep & mop floor 
  • Polish stain steel 

Dog Stations: 

  • Empty trash can 
  • Refill dog bags 
  • Sweep the area 

Lobby Area: 

  • Clean door entrance 
  • Sweep & mop floor 
  • Vacuum carpet 
  • Dusting any furniture 
  • Clean windows 

Other Common Areas & Tasks: 

  • Collect trash & debris from parking area
  • Collect trash & debris from hallways & walkways
  • Clean cobwebs from lamp fixtures & fence 
  • Wipe down handrails 
  • Clean/ wipe down fire extinguisher boxes 
  • Sanitize & disinfect all common areas (Covid-19)

What Others Say About ASPM

Maria A is one of the most wonderful people in this organization! She is wonderfully kind and helpful and always takes very good care of us. She is very friendly and approachable and has been one of the best things about living in our community. So grateful for her and her dedication and care!

Allison M., Homeowner

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