Property Integration Division Manager
Meet Paul Lorenz, ASPM’s Property Integration & Transition Division Manager

ASPM’s HOA Management Transition Team is Dedicated to Fast and Efficient Property Integration

ASPM-SanDiego is the industry leader in providing the most efficient HOA integration between your management company and ours.

If you’ve decided it’s time for a property management change, our team of experts have a plan of action to integrate your community quickly and efficiently into our HOA portfolio of satisfied clients.

We understand that volunteer board members have busy lives and need assurance a management transition will be as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

HOA Management transition timeline

COMMUNICATION with Boards and residents
NOTICE & TRANSITION of all property vendors, banks, agents, utilities, resident accounts, and attorneys
RECORDS REVIEW and upload to HOA Portal with 24/7 real time access by residents and Boards
And COMMUNICATION with Boards and residents
And more COMMUNICATION with Boards and residents

See our FAQs for the most common queries by residents and boards and how we serve you.

With almost 50 years of San Diego Property Management experience, our three-generation family owned business offers Boards peace of mind and confidence in knowing we’ve streamlined the process to make management transition as simple and efficient as possible for residents.

We’ll have your HOA community up and running in no time! 

What Others Say About ASPM

We switched to ASPM in December. The board is now asking why we didn't do this years ago. Our property manager is incredible. She is very responsive and is helping us strengthen all our processes from the governing docs to maintaining the property. The efficiencies and structure she is creating will more than cover the cost of ASPM's management fees. We feel incredibly lucky to have her and ASPM on our side.

John H., HOA Board Member

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