I am buying a home and have questions about the HOA. 

Please refer all questions or concerns to the seller or sellers’ agent so they can forward the request by email to escrow and management.

I have a unit that is currently on the market and I need HOA information. 

Please email your request to escrows@aspm-sd.com

What are the roles of ASPM, escrow companies, the escrow vendor, and realtors?

ASPM’s ROLE is to ensure that the necessary HOA info and documents are provided to the escrow company for the proper transfer of ownership of the HOA unit.

ESCROW COMPANY’s ROLE is to request, obtain and provide to the buyer, all the HOA disclosure info and documents required for the sale of the HOA unit, as well as distribute the new owner (buyer) contact information.

ESCROW VENDOR’s ROLE is to obtain, store, organize, and provide documents and account balance information, to escrow company’s, lenders and others involved with the escrow, refinance, or appraisal transactions. ASPM uses Homewisedocs.com.

REALTOR’s ROLE is to assist the seller (seller’s agent aka listing agent) and assist the buyer (buyer’s agent) in the research, marketing, and administration of the real estate sales process.

Where can I obtain an Escrow Demand and documents for a resale? 

Visit Homewisedocs.com to initiate the process. 

Where can I obtain a condo questionnaire for a refinance? 

Visit Homewisedocs.com, whom we will work with to provide all the independent, third-party information about your property and the Association required by the Escrow company. 

Escrow has closed, when will my account be updated?

Please verify with your escrow company that the documents have been sent to ASPM.  Once ASPM has received the documents, the account will be updated within 5-7 business days. 

When and how are a Seller’s dues payments stopped once they are in escrow? 

A seller’s HOA dues payments are stopped when ASPM opens an “Owner in Escrow” work order.  That work order is opened after ASPM is notified by HomeWiseDocs.com (HWD) that a demand has been ordered and paid by an escrow company on HWD. 

ASPM changes the status to Owner in Escrow on your account and places a “block payments” status to stop payments.

As a new owner, when escrow closes, who will I receive information from about making or setting up payments, and how will that information be sent? ASPM provides a letter to the seller’s escrow company with the following info:

How to Register Online to Access Your ASPM Client Website Account
About Online Payments
How to Set Up an Online Payment or Recurring Payments
FAQs for Living in an HOA Managed by ASPM-SanDiego

Escrow is closing soon; can you please provide the current account balance? 

Please email your request to escrows@aspm-sd.com

What is the escrow process for properties in escrow that have a lien against them?

Properties in escrow that have a lien against them are handled by the HOA’s designated collection attorney.

When ASPM receives a resale demand request from Homewisedocs.com, a work order is assigned to track the resale. The escrow company requesting the demand is advised of the legal status of the unit for sale and is given the contact info for the HOA’s collection attorney.

The collection attorney will then request from ASPM the unit’s ledger and other documents required for resolution of the lien. HOA policy is to direct all escrow activity and communication through the collection attorney during the escrow process and until the demand is complete.

The collection attorney forwards funds received for the resale from the escrow company to ASPM. We then settle the account, remove the previous owner, and setup and transfer ownership to the new owner.

The lien resolution process typically increases escrow processing time by 50%.

How do I get a lien release for escrow? 

Please email your request to escrows@aspm-sd.com.