The HOA Management Role in Your Community

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ASPM is comprised of eight HOA Management divisions led by experienced Team Leaders. Leaders oversee and track the daily activity of Team Members managing your community to ensure all HOA business and customer service needs are timely met.

The HOA Management role as the agent in your community association encompasses specific duties and restrictions as directed by the HOA’s Board. See HOA Terminology for a list of management and HOA Board duties.

ASPM’s Role: HOA Management may only act solely at the direction of the HOA’s Board of Directors. The Board must act in compliance with the provisions of the Davis-Stirling Act. All decisions are made by the Board, and ASPM staff are tasked with implementing Board decisions and assisting the Board in enforcing the HOA’s governing documents.

HOA budget planning
An HOA Management role is to assist the HOA’s Board with your community’s budget planning

Finances. HOA expenditures are set at the discretion and approval of the Board of Directors. One of the most critical responsibilities of HOA Management is the monthly and annual preparation of balanced and fiscally accurate financial reports. We provide and track all accounting activities for your Association, such as budget planning, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger preparation and procure financial investment advice.

Inspections & Vendors. We inspect the common areas on a schedule mandated by our contract with the Association. We supervise association vendors and contractors and obtain proposals for new projects and maintenance services as requested by the Board. 

Reports & Meetings. We prepare financial, administrative, maintenance, and operational reports, records, and other documents for Board review at Association Meetings. 

Compliance & Legal. The role of HOA Management is to assist Board Members with all corporate compliance issues for your community. This includes preparation of corporate filings with Federal, State, and local laws and codes. We work with and support the Association’s legal counsel in all civil, collection, and compliance proceedings. We assist in resolving community and neighbor complaints, work with the Board to implement community guidelines and rules, and enforce the Association’s governing documents.

A role of HOA Management is to provide 24/7 customer service for residents and Boards.
A role of HOA Management is to provide 24/7 customer service for residents and Boards.

Customer Service. We provide 24/7 customer service to residents. We provide a ‘voice’ for residents to convey concerns to the Board, and we follow up on requests or concerns as directed by the Board. We do not have authority to act without Board direction and must comply with the Association’s governing documents in all enforcement issues.

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5 STARS!!! Wow, was I impressed with the responsiveness and the willingness and ability to resolve my issue quickly and efficiently. It is extremely rare to experience this level of professionalism and care from a management company. Thank you!

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