ASPM has been a trusted property management resource for San Diego Homeowner Associations since 1971. Staff are available to residents 24/7 with creative, time-proven solutions to address community needs.

Customer Service. Our customer ratings demonstrate that ASPM remains the highest customer-reviewed HOA Management company in San Diego. We provide 500+ more open business hours to clients than our competition, delivering even more service at competitive management rates with more open operational hours.

Technologies. Company-wide innovations in 2019 included a technology transition to cloud-based property management software. Intra-company communications were updated with the Microsoft Office 365 Suite. ASPM’s Mobile App allows our staff 24/7 access to all HOA tasks from any location with an internet connection. The ASPM App also provides residents with 24/7 instant access to view or manage their accounts. These tools allow us to use internal processes that provide Boards with detailed reporting of HOA business, including the amount of our staffs’ time spent on each HOA task to ensure contractual obligations are met.

Accountability. ASPM’s Executive Team and Staff Members accept full responsibility for the quality and quantity of our work product. Senior Staff rotate their Board meeting attendance throughout the year to support our Asset Managers and to facilitate direct communication with our Boards. All resident and board communications with ASPM team members are fully transparent, company-wide. This helps ensure prompt follow through and helps us instantly monitor how well and how quickly we’re meeting clients’ needs.

Agility Is A Critical Component To Client Services Delivery

Agility. Our leadership teams continuously explore opportunities to create greater efficiencies and add value to our portfolio, as well as strategies to help HOAs avoid risks and liability. This forward-thinking approach allowed us to instantly disperse our workforce when COVID began and digitally manage our portfolios while our competition struggled to adapt.

Successful Track Record. An HOA Board’s main duty is to maximize residents’ return on investment. HOA communities benefit directly from our proactive approach to management and regular maintenance. Launching community building safety programs like HOA Neighborhood Watch, new technologies, and transparent reporting of HOA tasks and staff productivity ensures Boards have the information they need to manage the needs of their communities.

For a free, no-obligation estimate, San Diego locals can call 1+ 858 430 5700 or submit a Request Proposal form. We’ll get back to you in no time!

What Others Say About ASPM

I had the pleasure of working closely with ASPM when the company managed our property consisting of 199 units. After having worked with two other management companies in prior years, I can honestly say that ASPM gave us the best service. The company took over during a very difficult period and demonstrated a great deal of integrity in helping us to navigate our many issues. Their maintenance division was excellent and responsive to the needs of the community.

MJ. G., Board Member

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