Although we provide in-house maintenance and janitorial services to our clients, we’re equally pleased to work with our clients’ vendors. We welcome all qualified, independent vendors to work in our portfolio, and we don’t charge fees for vendors to access the communities we manage. 

We are fully committed to the vendor relationships we have nurtured in San Diego Property Management communities for over 45 years. Our industry partners continue to make our customers a priority in providing timely, competitive, and quality workmanship to help us restore beauty and increase market values in the San Diego HOA communities we manage. 

For assistance or more information, please email or give us a call at 1+ 858 430 5700 and ask to speak with our Senior Asset Manager.

What Others Say About ASPM

I have had the chance to work with ASPM for many years. Top to bottom they are one of the best Management Companies in San Diego. As I vendor, I find their managers to be extremely proficient in their field. They are knowledgeable, communicative, and responsive.

I also work closely with their accounting department and, in particular, Will Howe. Mr. Howe exemplifies professionalism, and is an incredible resource. He responds quickly, catches problems, and works tirelessly to ensure the communities he represents have entrusted their finances to a very capable team.

In closing, I will share this quick story. I recently had a large community ask for my recommendations regarding a new management company. ASPM-SD was at the top of my list. This particular HOA requires a company strong in financials. It was my pleasure to recommend ASPM S.D., considering the wealth of knowledge they possess under their leadership, and in particular, Will Howe.

Jesse R., Owner, Ecology Care

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