Isn’t Management monitoring vendors already?

Yes. However, in today’s highly demanding environment, ASPM staff must strike a balance between the maintenance of the property(s), and the day-to-day operations. VIVE is the solution to allow ASPM to be more efficient in the objective review and screening of prospective Vendors, perform background checks, maintain records, and track Vendors for compliance.

Why do Vendors have to go to VIVE to get screened?

ASPM has elected to defer all Vendor screening to VIVE’s online system. VIVE is the expert, one-stop solution for Vendor screening, streamlining the screening process for both Vendors and Management.

Efficiency. The registrations are easy to complete and are available 24/7/365 @

Thorough. All compliance parameters set by ASPM are required to be submitted and fully reviewed to ensure an approval.

Consistency. All Vendors are treated in the same manner, creating a fair and level playing field to work and bid of projects.

What is the VIVE screening process?

Registration. Vendors are given a specific code to login with VIVE. Once logged in, Vendors complete a simple online registration process that includes the following: Confirming Corporate and Principal Owner information, W-9, Vendor Agreement, Insurance, Licensing and other necessary information easily accessible to each vendor.

Payment. After all information is submitted and entered, the vendor will pay the $100 annual fee. Payment is processed by credit/debit card, e-check or a paper check. After full payment, all information is sent to VIVE for review.

Screening Results. VIVE fully reviews each vendor according to the parameters set by ASPM within 2 business days. Any items that do not meet the minimum requirements will be shared with the Vendor to provide a reasonable amount of time to address deficiencies. Any items not addressed will lead to a Vendor being suspended until the items are fully cured.

Board FAQs:

Can a Board request a waiver for screening criteria for a specific Vendor?

Yes, however, all waivers will need to be signed and approved by the Board. All items waived by one Board will be specific to that vendor for the one community. Waivers are saved for full disclosure on the Vendor’s screening report.

What will happen if a Vendor falls out of compliance in the middle of a project?

The Vendor will be allowed to complete the existing project, but future work orders and bids from the Vendor will be suspended until the items causing the failure are submitted and accepted.

Can we find out why a Vendor has failed compliance?

The full details will be provided directly to the Vendor and to a lesser level to ASPM, not directly shared to the Board for security and privacy concerns.

Can a Board or Owners Search for approved Vendors for personal use?

ASPM allows owners to search for approved Vendors for their personal use. Such access to ASPM’s Approved Vendor List is not a referral, nor is there compensation to ASPM or VIVE for any product or service sold to any owner through use of ASPM’s Approved Vendor List. Simply the Approved Vendor list is disclosure of all Vendors who have met the set screening parameters by ASPM.

Vendor FAQs:

How long do existing Vendors have to complete the compliance process?

60 days

How long does it take for a Vendor to get approved?

Once all information is submitted to VIVE for review, a determination should be delivered within 2 business days. Should there be any issues discovered, the total time to get approved will depend on the time it takes for the Vendor to cure the issues found.

What types of Vendors are Exempt from Screening?

Vendor types that are considered Exempt from screening are municipalities, utility companies, supply companies and Fortune 500 companies such as Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

How long is an approval good for?

12 months. However, throughout that year all items that expire, i.e. Trade Licenses and Insurance are required to be maintained throughout the entire 12 months or a Vendor will be suspended until the expired items is corrected.

What happens if a Vendor fails compliance?

The Vendor is given a 30 day time period to provide the necessary corrections to the failing issues. However, if fail issues are not cured within 30 days, the Vendor will not be sent future work orders, payments or be eligible for additional work orders until the issues are resolved.

If a vendor fails compliance, is the fee refundable?

No, the approval is not a guarantee and the Vendor receives disclosure that there is no guarantee throughout the Registration process.

How Can a Vendor Use this Process to Further Promote its Business?

Yes, having passed the screening test, each Vendor will be given a VIVE Certification that lists out the criteria met by the Vendor. This certification will display when a Vendor is found during a search of the Approved Vendor List and is also available to the Vendor to promote to future clients.

Vendor Profile. During Registration and after fully paid, the Vendor can build a customizable Vendor Profile. The profile displays when a Vendor is found during a search of the Approved Vendor List and can also be used as promotional information to prospective clients direct by the Vendor.

Vendor Coupons. Each Vendor is allowed, but not required, to select a discount to offer to ASPM’s portfolio of owners for their personal use. As with the VIVE Certification and Vendor Profile, the Vendor Coupon is displayed when the Vendor is found during a search of the Approved Vendor List.