vendor verification

If your company has performed work for us recently, as a vendor in the VIVE Network, you will have access to other community management companies in your service area and with the homeowners they manage, increasing your marketing reach.

This vendor vetting process additionally ensures that all of our vendors operate on a level playing field.

However, vendor compliance monitoring is mandatory. If you have not registered with VIVE within 45 days of the date of this letter, your company will no longer be able to bid or perform ongoing work for us or the Homeowner Associations we manage.

Please compile the required documentation:

• A completed “Request for Taxpayer Information” form

• Proof of Liability Insurance, with ASPM-SanDiego named as an additional insured

• Proof of Worker’s Compensation, with ASPM-SanDiego named as an additional insured

• If applicable, a copy of your current Contractor’s license

• Annual payment to VIVE of $100 screening fee

• Homeowners Association’s Invoice and Payment Policy, initialed by you

• Vendor Invoice Requirements and Submission Procedures, initialed by you

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please contact VIVE through their toll-free customer service number at (844) 476-8038.