Property Management Software for Detailed Reporting

We’ve partnered with industry expert Cinc Property Management technologies to provide San Diego HOA residents with an enhanced user experience in their HOA’s new website. The HOA websites provide real time 24/7 access to view and manage personal accounts, access important HOA documents, and stay on top of news and alerts affecting the community. Cinc Property Management technology provides Boards with 24/7 transparent, detailed tracking and reporting.

Residents can access their ASPM Client Account through ASPM’s secure web portal. Some of the important and user-friendly features for homeowners are:

  • Communicate Directly with Your HOA’s Manager
    Non-emergency inquiries are responded to within 2 hours or less during business hours, and next business day if submitted after hours.
  • Community News and Events
  • Stay on top of alerts, notices, neighborhood news, and important dates!
  • Account Management
    Communicate directly with your HOA’s manager, request maintenance, access your account history, and manage payments anytime, from anywhere.
  • View Account and Pay Assessments
    View your account history and make an online payment anytime, from anywhere.
  • HOA Document Library
    Access and view important HOA documents and records anytime, from anywhere.
  • Resident Directory
    View the directory of residents in your community.
  • Architectural and Work Order Requests
    Submit Architectural requests and maintenance or janitorial requests anytime, from anywhere.

ASPM Mobile App

ASPM-SanDiego is delighted to provide our portfolio homeowners with convenient access to their account via the ASPM Mobile App as another access option through our property management technologies. 

ASPM Mobile App Technology for Android and iPhone

Residents can:

  • Communicate directly with your HOA’s manager
  • View and Update Account Information 
  • Make Online Payments 
  • View Association Documents 
  • Submit Architectural Requests 
  • View your Community Calendar 
  • Keep Up with News About Your Community

Board members who log in to the ASPM App are granted additional access and can securely view private Board information, including:

  • Board Documents 
  • Architectural Requests 
  • Accounts Receivable Reports 
  • Resident Violations 

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Scanning of All Paper HOA Records to Digital Data Storage

Digital Technologies – A Green Solution Saving HOA Communities Hundreds of Dollars Each Year

ASPM is a paperless company. Along with respecting the environment, we have observed over several years’ of paperless operation that digital data access and storage is simply the most efficient, safe, transparent, and accessible technology for managing individual assets worth billions of dollars. 

Moreover, boxes of paper records and files that are accessed by multiple people, misfiled, lost, and moved between companies creates a logistical challenge to both onboarding and exiting management during the transition process, creating unnecessary delays in new management getting an HOA up and running efficiently.

With digital storage we’re able to instantly upload all of an HOA’s documents and records to a Dropbox that is immediately accessible to a new management company. We hope you don’t leave us, but if you do, we’ve created a process to ensure your next management company has all the information and tools needed to keep your community running smoothly during a management transition.

We encourage our Boards to join the green movement, to eliminate the inefficiency of paper, and save your community hundreds of dollars a year in obsolete, wasteful mailing and paper storage fees.

What Others Say About ASPM

ASPM is an incredible management company! They’re amazing at what they do and are always there to help. They provide top notch customer service so naturally. Highly recommend this company!

Tony Liron S., Homeowner

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