ASPM-SanDiego is the industry leader in providing focused, hands-on attention in Seamless HOA Property Management Transition for HOA communities. If you’re thinking about changing property management companies, it’s likely because you want to work with a company that provides more services, and consistent quality in the services provided.

If you’ve decided it’s time for a property management change, our team of experts have a plan of action to integrate your community quickly and efficiently into our HOA portfolio of satisfied clients.

We understand that volunteer board members have busy lives and need to feel confident that a management transition will be as smooth and stress-free as possible. At ASPM, we’ve mastered property transition. Transition will ultimately take about 140 hours of our staff’s time and effort.

We encourage Boards to consider allowing a one-month transition period. This provides the Outboarding Management company time to resolve any outstanding HOA business and to fully transfer all HOA data. ASPM is able to completely integrate all the HOA’s accounts and resident access to a secure online portal for access to HOA documents and personal client accounts. We set up new bank accounts to avoid disruption of services during transition, such as waste disposal and utility services. We ensure all important records and information are integrated in our system and are accessible to residents and Boards, plus verify that our software is ready to produce Board reports. This method is proven to be the most effective for ensuring smooth and accurate transitions.

Staff at ASPM understand that during a transition period the dissemination of information and maintaining communications are critical factors for success and are the foundation for a good working relationship. This is why we focus special attention on:

COMMUNICATION with Boards and residents
NOTICE & TRANSITION of all property vendors, agents, utilities, and attorneys
RECORDS REVIEW and upload with 24/7 real time access 
And COMMUNICATION with Boards and residents
And more COMMUNICATION with Boards and residents

With almost 50 years of San Diego Property Management experience, our three-generation family owned business offers Boards peace of mind and confidence in knowing we’ve streamlined the process to make a seamless HOA Property Management transition in your community as easy and efficient as possible.

We guarantee we’ll have your HOA community up and running in no time! 

To learn how we can simplify this process for your community, San Diego locals can give us a call at 1+ 858 430 5700 and ask to speak with CEO Karen Martinez. We’re happy to provide you with a free, no obligation proposal.

Plan of Action for Seamless Property Management Transition

What Others Say About ASPM

We switched to ASPM in December. The board is now asking why we didn't do this years ago. Our property manager is incredible. She is very responsive and is helping us strengthen all our processes from the governing docs to maintaining the property. The efficiencies and structure she is creating will more than cover the cost of ASPM's management fees. We feel incredibly lucky to have her and ASPM on our side.

John H., HOA Board Member

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