Cara McCampbell
Customer Service Division Manager

As the highest rated customer service company in San Diego HOA Management with over 1,000 combined reviews, our goal is to consistently provide residents, vendors, and realtors with a great customer service experience. 

By providing our San Diego HOA residents, vendors, and realtors with over 500 more open business hours per year than our competitors, our staff stay busy getting more work done for you!

When Boards compare apples-to-apples management contract bid pricing between local San Diego HOA Management Companies, ASPM’s longer hours with more service set us apart from our competitors.

Professional, Service-Focused Team Management

In almost 50 years of HOA community management, we’ve learned that success hinges upon developing solid, unified relationships with the HOA Board Members we’re tasked with advising and supporting. At ASPM, we understand the importance of our role, the knowledge and skills required of us, and we base our family’s reputation on our experience and willingness to hold ourselves accountable for the quality of services we deliver.

Real Customer Reviews

Transparency matters. Especially the validity of customer reviews when Boards are thinking of changing management companies. Unlike some companies that post reviews conducted by unverifiable internal surveys, we provide customers with real, verifiable 3rd party reviews. See for yourself what our clients say about us.

What Does ASPM-SanDiego Do for Your Community?

Providing residents with consistent, high-quality customer service is our main priority. That’s why, as an industry leader, ASPM pioneered a teamwork approach to Asset Management. This requires employing multiple expert teams to maximize the value ASPM delivers in managing Association finances, maintenance needs, vendors, data management for resident access to cloud-based accounting and HOA records, transparent reporting of all HOA business for Boards, and staying on top of legislative compliance issues. 

What Others Say About ASPM

I have been very impressed with this company. Our HOA was managed by another large group with less than great results. These guys have been on every request. Their front line staff answering the phone are polite and try to handle easy requests. When needs require further assistance we have been readily transferred and our questions addressed appropriately and promptly. Yeah!

Jennifer B., Homeowner

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