Our primary goal is to provide the Board with our expertise and guidance by providing solutions that help improve residents’ quality of life in the community and increase the property’s market value.

ASPM staff may only act solely at the direction of the HOA’s Board of Directors. All decisions are made by the Board, and ASPM staff are tasked with implementing Board decisions and assisting the Board in enforcing the HOA’s governing documents. Our basic duties in managing day-today HOA business include:


One of our most critical responsibilities is the monthly and annual preparation of balanced and fiscally accurate financial reports. We provide and track all accounting activities for your Association, such as budget planning, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger preparation and procure financial investment advice.

Inspections & Vendors

We inspect the common areas on a schedule mandated by our contract with the Association. We supervise association vendors and contractors and obtain proposals for new projects and maintenance services as requested by the Board. 

Reports & Meetings

We prepare financial, administrative, maintenance, and operational reports, records, and other documents for Board review at Association Meetings.

Compliance & Legal

We assist Board Members with all corporate compliance issues, including preparation of corporate filings with Federal, State, and local laws and codes. We work with and support the Association’s legal counsel in all civil, collection, and compliance proceedings. We assist in resolving community and neighbor complaints, work with the Board to implement community guidelines and rules, and enforce the Association’s governing documents.

Customer Service

We provide 24/7 customer service to residents. We provide a ‘voice’ for residents to convey concerns to the Board, and we follow up on requests or concerns as directed by the Board.