Jorge Martinez, Escrow Division Manager

At ASPM, we are pleased to help our San Diego property management and HOA clients with all their escrow and real estate document needs.

Selling or refinancing within a planned community development (“PUD”) requires that specialized documents and disclosures be provided to potential purchasers, lenders, sales agents, appraisers, and escrow officers, and we are here to help!

Through our Real Estate Documents Division, all changes of title or refinance requests are processed in a timely fashion.


In concert with our partner HomeWiseDocs, ASPM is ready to assist all our San Diego property management and HOA clients in selling or refinancing. We assist hundreds of owners throughout the year, so our database remains continually updated.

Please visit to initiate a document request or contact them directly at (866) 925-5004.

If HomeWiseDocs can’t readily answer your questions, please contact our Real Estate Documents agent by email at, or by telephone at 1+ 858 430 5700.

We’re happy to provide our clients with any additional information required about escrow demands or homeowner questionnaires, or about how to order these directly from


When it comes to VA and FHA certifications, San Diego locals turn to us. At ASPM, we have streamlined the FHA and VA certification process; making it more affordable.

For our client’s ultimate convenience, we’ve negotiated a bundled combo/package price for both FHA and VA certifications, and have provided guidelines, below, for the requirements homeowners can anticipate.



At ASPM, we know FHA and VA certifications. San Diego locals have counted on our unsurpassed knowledge, skill and expertise for decades and you can too! We proudly enjoy the highest customer service reviews among our industry peers and attribute these to our complete customer satisfaction policy.

So, if you are looking to obtain your VA and/or FHA certifications, San Diego residents can completely rely on us to guide them through the process. For more information about how we can help with your VA and FHA certifications, San Diego locals please give us a call at (858) 430-5700. We’d love to help!

Eligible Condominium Project Basic Requirements:

  • No more than 25% of the property’s total floor area in a project or unit can be used for non-residential/commercial purposes, although exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Now waived by FHA – No more than 10% of the units may be owned by one investor / entity (single or multiple owner entities).
  • No more than 15% of the total units can be more than 60 days past due of their condominium association fee payments, although exception requests may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • At least 50% of the units of a project must be owner-occupied or be sold to owners who intend to occupy the units.
  • FHA will not insure any mortgages in an approved project if 50% or more of the units are FHA-insured, although exception requests may be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Budget and financial documents for Existing Projects more than 12 months old must include current year budget for declared phases, current balance sheet less than 90 days old, and an actual income and expense statement for the project. Bank statements and other information may be requested.
  • Documentation must include information regarding special assessments and pending litigation.
  • The Project must be covered by hazard, flood, liability, and other insurance required by state or local condominium laws acceptable to FHA.

What Others Say About ASPM

Most often I sense that property management companies would rather endure a root canal over taking a call from a Realtor. But in the end, this lack of cooperation does a disservice to the homeowners they serve.

So what a relief it was to work with ASPM. Earlier today I had to stop by the ASPM offices and watched as the front line staff were juggling so many balls all at once. They had several people at the front office needing assistance, the phones rang continuously and I watched them professionally and pleasantly take each call and handle each with a level of respect any condo owner would appreciate.

Rick T., Realtor

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