Where can I obtain an Escrow Demand and documents for a resale? 

Visit Homewisedocs.com to initiate the process. 

Where can I obtain a condo questionnaire for a refinance? 

Visit Homewisedocs.com, whom we will work with to provide all the independent, third-party information about your property and the Association required by the Escrow company. 

Escrow has closed, when will my account be updated?

Please verify with your escrow company that the documents have been sent to ASPM.  Once ASPM has received the documents, the account will be updated within 5-7 business days. 

I am buying a home and have questions about the HOA. 

Please refer all questions or concerns to the seller or sellers’ agent so they can forward the request by email to escrow and management. 

Escrow is closing soon; can you please provide the current account balance? 

Please email your request to escrows@aspm-sd.com

How do I get a lien release for escrow? 

Please email your request to escrows@aspm-sd.com

I have a unit that is currently on the market and I need HOA information. 

Please email your request to escrows@aspm-sd.com

What Others Say About ASPM

I wanted to give a shout out to Eric Martinez in the Escrow Division at ASPM-SanDiego who recently helped me with some paperwork for a refinance that I am processing. He was not only understanding of my needs but also very responsive and professional, all while being extremely courteous and friendly. Having someone like Eric to work with certainly makes my job of processing that much easier. Thank you Eric.

Lyn S., Homeowner

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