Local and Family-Owned Investment in San Diego Communities

As the highest-rated San Diego HOA Management company with thousands of customer reviews, we consistently demonstrate that we’re fully invested in the San Diego community. Unlike big national management companies, our reputation among local community homeowners matters. That’s why we welcome the opportunity to hold ourselves accountable for the services we provide.

We’re invested in the professional development of our staff through continuing education and new technology training to ensure our team is provided with the tools and skills needed to serve our clients and partners at the very highest industry standards.

Our Promise to the Boards We Serve

In almost 50 years of community management, we’ve learned that success hinges upon developing solid, unified relationships with the HOA board members we’re tasked with advising and supporting. The foundation of our relationships with homeowners and board members is built on trust, mutual respect, and complete transparency in conducting all Association business.

An effective partnership requires understanding the differences between the roles of the HOA Board and the Community Manager. 

Roles of the HOA Board and Property Manager 

The Property Manager’s job as the industry expert is to provide the governing body, the Board of Directors, with the solutions and data upon which the best possible decisions can be made.  As partners, our shared goals are to:

  1. Enforce the governing documents;
  2. Provide enhanced quality of life of residents; 
  3. Ensure the physical and financial health of the property; 
  4. Increase property values by addressing deferred maintenance challenges, followed by a proactive, regular maintenance program. 

Board members are tasked with overseeing the fiscal and physical integrity of the property on behalf of the homeowners and enforcing the governing documents. Applying the counsel and guidance provided by the Property Management expert, the Board makes decisions that will help achieve the above goals.  

The Property Manager and Board relationship must be founded on mutual trust and willingness to work together as partners for the benefit of the entire community. 

We pledge to fulfill our duties in providing the Board with our expertise to help you make the best decisions possible for your community. We will support Board decisions and conduct the day-to-day business of the Association in a professional, service-oriented, and transparent manner. We will conduct ourselves at the highest professional standards, will hold ourselves accountable for our actions, and will always take full responsibility for our conduct.

Knowledge and Expertise

Our San Diego Community Managers are educated and certified by the California Association of Community Managers (CACM) and California Associations Institute (CAI) and we are invested in ongoing professional education and certification. Our team is at the forefront of innovative industry solutions that allow us to provide the best advice and assistance to our clients.