Vendor Participation Requirements

ASPM-SanDiego has a fiduciary responsibility to our HOA clientele to ensure vendors working in their communities are in compliance with basic legal licensing and insurance requirements. Vendor compliance monitoring is mandatory for your company to bid or perform work for ASPM or the Homeowner Associations we manage.

We utilize a third-party company called VIVE, or Vendor Information Verification Experts, Inc., to pre-screen vendors who provide services to the communities we manage. VIVE simplifies the process of screening vendors and monitor compliance with insurance coverage, licensing, status, and conducting background checks.

If your company has performed work for us recently as a vendor in the VIVE Network, you will have access to other community management companies in your service area and with the homeowners they manage, increasing your marketing reach.

To join ASPM’s approved vendor list, you will need the following documentation:

  • A completed “Request for Taxpayer Information” form
  • Proof of Liability Insurance, with ASPM-SanDiego named as an additional insured
  • Proof of Worker’s Compensation, with ASPM-SanDiego named as an additional insured
  • If applicable, a copy of your current Contractor’s license
  • Annual payment to VIVE of $100 screening fee
  • Homeowners Association’s Invoice and Payment Policy, initialed by you
  • Vendor Invoice Requirements and Submission Procedures, initialed by you

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please contact VIVE through their toll-free customer service number at (844) 476-8038.


VIVE is not only the most effective risk management tool for vendor compliance in the industry today, it also offers vendors within the VIVE network many other features that will help you work more efficiently with management companies and will help grow your business. Benefits Include:

Free Access To Marketing. New management company clients and tens of thousands of association homeowners in your market area.

VIVE Certifications.  Lets management companies & homeowners know you’re operating legally and in good standing.

VIVE Vendor Profiles.  VIVE provides a free vendor portal allowing you to show the market your portfolio, social network profile, business affiliations and other items to promote your business.

Equal Treatment.  All vendors are required to complete the risk management process in order to perform work for the management company clients in VIVE’s system.

No referral fees.  Earn business based on qualifications, not how much is paid to advertise.

No completion fees – easy to quantify online referrals.  Increases competitive bid opportunities and no costs are paid to VIVE for bidding jobs or when you are paid for work obtained through the VIVE System.

Simple, Fast & Secure. A VIVE Compliance Specialist will review any compliance findings within 48 hours to insure a speedy and efficient approval process.

VIVE Ongoing support is available 24/7/365 through VIVE’s Toll-free customer service (844) 476-8038.

After you sign up, keep an eye out for the registration email notice from VIVE.


1. Invoice Processing. ASPM processes invoices every business day through a third party provider, Avidxchange. Invoices go through multiple steps of approval prior to disbursement. The length of the process can vary for each invoice depending upon numerous factors including ensuring that the vendor provided all necessary and correct information and their product/service was satisfactory.

2. Cost Parameters. ASPM has cost parameters as authorized by the Homeowner Associations that may vary from property to property. When jobs exceed the authorized amount, ASPM-SanDiego must obtain approval from our Homeowner Associations for the work to be done. When job cost is determined, ASPM-SanDiego will authorize the vendor to “go-ahead” with the work if the job is equal to or less than the parameter set by the Association. Please note on your invoice, the employee who gives you this authorization.

3. Cost Excesses. If approval is obtained for work in excess of the authorized parameter, ASPM-SanDiego will assign a work order number to the job. Any invoice that exceeds the HOA contract limit for the particular property must have our signed proposal on it for payment to be rendered.

4. Digital Invoicing. ASPM does not process paper invoices. We have an electronic invoice and bill payment process. All invoices must be submitted via email to

5. Payment Processing. We make every effort to ensure your approved billing invoices are paid, and paid on time. However, please understand ASPM acts only as an Agent for the Homeowner Associations we manage. The Association is solely and legally responsible for approving the payment of your invoices.

6. Payment Disputes. In the event a financial dispute arises between a vendor and our HOA client, ASPM will attempt to assist in resolving the dispute. However, at no time will ASPM-SanDiego accept financial responsibility for an HOA expense.


In order for us to process your invoices in a timely manner and avoid delays, please follow the instructions below:

ASPM Only Accepts Invoices Electronically, Via Email

Invoices must include the following information:
  • Association Name
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Service Location
  • Service Date
  • Service Month for Monthly Maintenance
  • Your Remittance Address
  • Description of Service(s) Provided
  • Contact information (address, phone number, and e-mail address)
  • If assigned a work order number, this number must be on the invoice

How to Submit an Invoice:

  • Invoices must be submitted via email to
  • Reference Association Name in the subject line of the email
  • Please make sure to indicate Association Name on the invoice
  • Send invoices only ONCE – sending invoice more than once will delay payment
  • One invoice per attachment and all backup should be included in the same file
  • Multiple invoices per email as separate attachments are allowed
  • Make all invoice inquiries through the ASPM office directly to the Association’s assigned AP Coordinator

Note: If you haven’t received payment, please review your invoice and ensure it has the Association’s Name on it.

Please ensure that you have submitted a completed Vendor Packet to VIVE, up to date Certificate of Insurance and have followed our invoice requirements and submission procedures to avoid payment processing delays.